No Chapter

Every SpaceYacht needs a StarRamp. It’s a place, a idea and maybe more fake for real that we just can enjoy ordering a good fusion brewed tea, to close our eyes and grab our cup blind from the table on the patio of the cafe, just a dance crossby to the karaoke bar. Just listening to the seagulls at the harbour, it’s to early for the night owls to empire the boardwalk. I already had a Vanilla Rooibos but thanks. I drink everything, what is left – a Irish Coffee with this better tasting than baked cinnamon saffron swirl. I don’t really know what it is and if I sit combine keep it still flowing in my mouth chronological clockwise before I add the swirly pastry, i have to admit that I am not really grown up in a bakery either is this my profession. Risky lucky punch sounds fun. Maybe I should start with after. A alphabet is a alphabet. Just say Fibonacci, and we have a thrilling crime opener. Slightly breeze wind strives to your hair just a white mini blown and down low from the upper estates on the hill like coming now. Two stairs to be aware of both not in the StarRamp one where I can make you fall in love with me, a other where you can die immediately. Better self published than to believe that a simple rhyme makes art and mainstream is mess, ‘u toshy p’. There is a better place a island. Glass sculptures patched like a mosaic of Alabaster they say. Covered in Alcantara, wrong. What you need I know what it efforts to resist I feel and you would listen to me if I would be the gender you prefer and to be the math of your imagined and calculated partner in finally yours like in romanticized literature, a screenwriting director with this checker field golf pants. What a belletristic Hommage when we lie about that we want to find the StarRamp and this place, but it’s just called in a bad translation like that. Which arrogance taken out to say this place is called after StarRamp. To be honest the StarRamp is called after this place without any deeper meaning. Nobody of us is in need to make dreamers paranoid, spoiled passion to much love but she never should have talking about. Inflammatory bleeding minds and fast beating hearts on a to slow
traffic lane of a future past, but all what we have to do is to get this engine starting.


Somebody sitting next by and listen to a song with the hook line – “Sounds like New Jersey” she looks like this cute, innocent for ever 21 year old with the always perfect eyelash’s type of I wanna feel real love for, with and happy endings where no millisecond of my expectations could say that she is just one mili percent bad. Not even a bit capable to.

Some call it StarRamp but to get it mainstream when we have to get a bunch of and somewhere else to lighten up skyscrapers of the past to phantomize in the backyard pain no royal of a blood, but did you see this adorable kitten again already and ask who might take care and feed them. Here nobody. Not every location is used to be a perfect tailored fit that suits skinny to dreams full of thick oil glibber in a axis to define a flabbergasted irony of whom we went to be. We just can find it in peaceful silence ourself for now, cause I am to lazy to write on.