Preview – First Collection

She is covered in gold, has always perfect hairs, loves sunny days and never runs out of energy. She likes dots, but less buttons or in the best case none. She don’t want to think about anything cause she enjoy her life. She is shinning, but not in gold, she always chose her true colors. She is never freezing but loves to dance. A diamond is a diamond.

every smart have a start…

Moodboard following…

Take my breath away and i

She is responsive loves reactions without friction. In case of the extremes she is independent but might need somebody to hold her hands. In the silence of now she is the baseline of the city. In a room the heartbeat of the floor, in space she never lose gravity. Every building, every city is different… …the only thing that she never would see… …She is “Nobody’s Material Genius (NMG)”

It have to be silent to listen the soft music

AcousticSoundOptimization (ASO) is just one fun of the cuteness.

Moodboard following…