coming soon… …added value to our distribution is blockchain. We work with several blockchain music streaming services to get you listeners and paid. In future we are working with major instances in the decentralized market of blockchain music services.

creators, creators, creators

We believe in a transparent and fair artist relation, that’s why we support the creative passport. Your identity matters.

A first petition in a visa free traveling for UK musician failed on a low coherency in compliance with the Brexit. We believe in a outstanding role and needs of public figures especially through a stacked identical usage of the art developing processes and results for the society.
The creative passport and Yoti have our fundamental support and we highly appreciate joiners in a already long time ago required artist identification document furthermore international acceptance to increase the security and simplification in crossborder paperwork related situations. So we can talk about former visa applications of performing and producing musicians abroad without any frictions. We trust in Yoti for our Business, so you can trust in us. We save time and want you to arrive and travel comfortable to your gig – Rehersal starts in your mind, to rock is joyful to be a part is great. We always rock on.

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