What is a music record label without a artist?

Easy, a music record label without a artist.

We started since day 0 with one artist, so there we go, waiting for exciting years with music you love and highly enjoy. If you enjoy!

He is inventory, you can just ignore him:

ah ok… …Hi fellow i am Rapha Ello.
I am a alternative everthing musician located from Dublin. Once upon a time i was raised in Europe and in …
…that’s my secret up to now.
I gonna keep that in my Bio.
I express myself in graphics, design and illustration that some one sew, a machine print and I love.
Who says timeless fast-fashion avant-garde, that’s just a bit of me like my music.
Let me be your combination, i still can be mysterious for you.
I got inspired by so much believe me.

watch this beautiful face:

Rapha Ello

we are processing so much, but soon you can apply and don’t forget – come as you are, to be somebody else is so exhausting.

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