Lovely Handmade out of Arolla Pines from the Swiss Alps.

From the Family – PinusCembraLarix

It grows just between 1200-2300 meters. Let us have a look at the TreeRings.

TreeRings – SmartBabyCrib

life is a beautiful thing, it should be protected and especially a new-young life should be kept away from the rays of electricity and electrosmog as good we can for prevention of auto-immune diseases.

sometimes the smart comes from the nature, we have nothing to do else, then to keep the smart in the production process with neutral and non-comital colors of choice. Like we never chopped the tree but it looks awesome, smells incredible organic-extravagant and your child would love you. How often did you want to get a child?

The smart stays for over 100 years, decide.

Find here the locations worldwide where you can enjoy the health and olfactory benefit of our product.